Pmc Rules for Foreign Students 2021

5. Within fourteen (14) days of receipt of students admitted by the University, the Pakistan Medical Board shall register students with the Pakistan Medical Board and issue each student with a unique PMC student number. Provided that no student exceeding the maximum number of assigned places in a college is registered by the Pakistan Medical Commission. If the college nominates students for enrollment above the maximum number of places allocated, students who exceed the maximum limit and have obtained the lowest grades at the time of admission will be rejected. The College is required to reimburse all fees and charges charged by a student whose registration is refused, as well as a penalty equal to 50% of the fees charged. The written applications against MDCAT 2021 were dismissed by the Lahore High Court. 9. As per Section 18(3) of the PMC Act of 2020, all public universities, colleges or provincial governments must give at least 50% weight to the student`s MDCAT grades in order to create performance lists when admitting students. A state government or its accredited university must provide the exact weighting of the MDCAT score at least 15 days before applications for admission to public schools of medicine and dentistry open, provided at least 50%. Important announcement (29 November 2020): The FIA has arrested a group of people who were trying to sell fake MDCAT questionnaires to students.

The papers they received from their care are fake. The MDCAT exam has started and remains fully secure 4A. No college may accept a student in excess of the maximum number of places allocated to a college in any circumstances, including due to a government quota or government program. Any admission exceeding the maximum number of places allocated is not considered valid admission, and any student admitted by a college as exceeding the allotted place is not entitled to a license from the Pakistan Medical Commission, even if he has obtained a degree from the college or university. Provided that the restriction applies to students enrolled in the 2021 session. PMCAFTER completing the MOCAT exam in accordance with the law, the weighting calculates up to 80% of the aggregate to determine the performance of each student applicant. This is allocated 50% to MOCAT/SATII and 30% to the F.Sc exam or equivalent. PMC created on 14. January 2021 the performance list for each college conducting its own interviews with a weight of 20%. Each college will post the interview structure on its website to inform students by November 25, 2020. Public announcement (22 January 2021): Lahore High Court decision on eligibility Admission Criteria and Fees Charged by Private Medical Schools – ABWA Knowledge Case Public announcement (31 March 2021): Letter to all provinces to complete admission to quota seats.

Warning about the publication of fake MDCAT 2021 results. Public announcement (February 21, 2021): Council approves unique special pathway for international student group Read more Public announcement (January 22, 2021): The PMC Law Review has been launched. All judgments of honourable courts in cases related to the PMC press release (12. June 2021): Press Release on PAMI Petition to Reduce MDCAT Revenue Placement of 4th Year Teacher Supplemental Exam 2021-22 MCM Successful Students, Peshawar 19F. Each college will post the final student admission list on its website and send its final admission list to its affiliated university, which will certify it and send it to PMC after students have verified the degree and grades, etc. directly. Public announcement (March 4, 2021): All private medical and dental colleges have been advised to send PMC detailed data of all applicants who had shown up for their admission interviews by Friday, March 5, 2021 Read More Pakistan Medical Commission announces completion of MDCAT 2021 18. For the purpose of compiling the performance list, the MOCAT score is weighted at 50% and a weighting of 30% is assigned to students who are in F.5c. or equivalent marks certified by the IBCC, in the case of another recognized high school diploma obtained either through an external examination in Pakistan or abroad. with a weighting of 20% of the marks obtained during the interview to be conducted by each college.

As an exception for admission to the 2021 session, an international student can use the SATII exam results in biology, chemistry and physics/mathematics as an alternative to MOCAT. The student`s SATII score is assimilated to MOCAT results using a weighting of 40% for biology, 35% for chemistry and 25% for physics/mathematics. Public announcement (March 3, 2021): The portal for filing college and university admission and graduation lists with PMC is now online. Important notice (January 8, 2021): Commission Policy on Definitions and Scope of Qualifications Public announcement (April 16, 2021): It is announced to resolve the objection within 10 days of the issuance date “ANNOUNCEMENT” in order to process your application accordingly Read More 12. All admissions to public faculties of medicine and dentistry must be completed by January 14, 2021. Admission to Private College Minutes of the 9th Council Meeting, Friday, October 2, 2021 Press Release (January 7, 2021): CCP Meeting with Delegations of International Graduates and Registered International Students Public announcement (March 17, 2021): The new licence inactivation and reactivation request is downloaded. To view the application process, click here Public announcement (February 9, 2021): Notice of illegal activities during the admission process to medical and dental schools. 14. Admission to all private doctors and dentists will only take place for the 2021 session via a centralized automated admission system.