Ways to Delete a Reddit Profile

If you want to delete your Reddit profile, you can do therefore using your phone or computer. Log in to Reddit with your www.onetechnosolutions.com IDENTIFICATION and security password. Make sure you own accessed the right login name. The Profile Tab will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. Click the crimson button in the upper right part of the webpage to delete your account. You may then choose a new name and password. After this, you can choose a new account information for your consideration.

If you want to delete your Reddit accounts, you can the actual steps below. First, you should log in towards the website. In the upper right place, click “deactivate account. ” After you sign in, click “deactivate account” and confirm. Your username and posts will be deleted. If you avoid want to delete you, you can also erase your account by changing your login name on your profile page.

Once occur to be logged in, visit the User Settings page. Select “Delete Account. inches You will be asked to confirm the action. You will still then end up being asked to verify your decision. If you would like to erase your Reddit account, you have got to re-enter your username and password. Following entering the username and password, you’ll be caused to confirm your action. Afterwards, you’ll be able to access your content threads and comments, but you won’t be competent to see your term or manage your following list.