School Transport

Transport facilities are available at MEMS. Micro buses will pickup and drop a child from his/her house or from a nearest given point. Parents/Guardians are requested to inform the office immediately if they change their residence or telephone number.

Drivers and helpers should not be asked to do any work apart from their schedule, for example ,to clear the child’s monthly fees, carry the bags and books etc.

The following reasons may stop the school bus service for the child :

a.   If there are any political disturbances ,unrest etc.

b.   If certain roads are blocked.

c.    If a child regularly misbehaves with other students.

d.   If a child is late to get on bus even after the parents/Guardians are notified.

The monthly charge for transport for the current month shall be paid to MEMS along

With the tuition fees before the 12th of the same month.