Science Lab

MEMS  holds the distinction of being the model school in Bangladesh to conduct laboratory classes . These lab sessions expose the students to practical work which ensures that the students have a clear concept of the theories that are taught in the science classes. They also provide an opportunity for hands-on learning of scientific concepts, an effective method to build curiosity and excitement for science.

The Science Curriculum :
By studying science, students increase their capacity to think critically by calling upon a wide range of knowledge, procedures, and approaches to analyze issues. The Science Program of MEMS helps the students to reach the following standards:

  • The students learn how scientific principles of chemical, physical and biological phenomena have developed and relate them to real-world situations.
  •  The students learn to demonstrate knowledge of basic concepts and principles of physical, chemical, biological and earth sciences. The students develop and apply skills of observation, data collection, analysis prediction and scientific reasoning in conducting experiments.


Nursing upcoming scientist:
In a world filled with the products of science, scientific literacy has become a necessity for everyone. We all need to integrate scientific information into our everyday life.

Our Science Program embodies a vision of a scientifically literate populace.
Our program aims to:

  • Stimulate students’ interest in scientific investigation
  • Promote a basic understanding and awareness of science
  • Allow students to make informed, rational and justifiable decisions based on observed data