From the Editor’s Desk

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure for us that for the first time MEMS Year Book is published in the history of its 15 years journey. ‘Life is not a bed of roses’ the reality of such truth did not take much time to realize when such an attempt of publishing first issue ‘The Radiant’ was made in September 2012 targeting to give it a final shape by January 2013, several deadlines to this regard were set but every time the victory rope was untouched. What was apparent was that the level of knowledge and skill that an editorial board should have possessed, to be honest, it did not acquire even 25% of it which, initially, resulted in delaying the publication.

However, the truth is that the magazine, which everybody had been longing for, is now a reality, the hard copy of which is now on your hand finally. Achievement of this initiative is made possible, that we strongly believe, by the sincere target set in the beginning and a continuous endeavour to this regard, and of course, all out support extended by the editorial board and teachers as well. It must be taken for granted that writing a precise history of past fifteen years was not an easy task that was indeed done quite a very skilled hand by those assigned who deserve appreciation.

The contribution of honourable Principal Mr. Subrata Edward Gomes is nevertheless to be forgotten who provided leadership and guided all concerned to give the work a successful conclusion, in some cases he was too hard though.

To publish the magazine whoever extended moral and financial support giving advertisements we express our gratitude to those, and above all teachers and students who came up and join hands with providing hard labour and continuous efforts.

Nevertheless, despite of taking all out measures there may go some printing mistakes in our subconscious mind for which we request our readers to see it in a forgivable manner. Finally, we do hope that in the next edition our students would come up with more writings to contribute, and therefore believe to become skilled and experienced through such endeavor.