Prefect Members

Prefects are positive role models who mentor as well as assist the school discipline management. This position is set aside for students who demonstrate an ability to follow school rules, communicate effectively with others, show genuine concern for others, are able to reach out and interact with a diverse group of students, and who demonstrate responsibility for his/her own life, including academics.
From this year the students are being chosen as prefect because of their maturity, leadership qualities and good behavior. These students represents the school and provides assistance at a number of functions including the assembly, annual Sports and other school activities.

MEMS Prefects are formed from class VII to IX. They are chosen by the Authority to represent the school as leaders and teachers of ethics. It is an office which carries specific responsibilities.
The areas of the responsibilities:

The Prefects act as a Student Leader
The Prefects act as an example to other students
The Prefect act as an ambassador for the school
Prefects wear a special badge

The faculty advisor to the prefects are the Principal, administration and Counseling Cell.